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Storm Window Protection Tampa, FL – Hurricane Shutters & Roll Downs

Impact Glass on Windows, Hurricane Shutters, and More

Homes in the Tampa area see intense weather — and when that weather hits your home, poorly designed windows are often the first thing to go. Shattered windows are more than just an expense; they expose your home to water damage, leading to costly repairs.

With hurricane-rated impact windows and storm protection gear built to withstand intense weather conditions installed by the team at A1 Windows & Doors, you can avoid these pitfalls and protect your home and family.

High-quality impact windows from A1 Windows are built with premium glass and sturdy frames assembled carefully into a resilient, rugged package. These windows meet strict code requirements protecting your home from hurricane-force winds.

Our windows are constructed to be resilient in the face of the elements, with high-performance coatings, glazes, insulating foam wraps, and more to keep the elements out while reinforcing the basic structure of your new window.

With high-quality new hurricane windows from A1 Windows & Doors, you’ll enjoy:

  • Improved security by making windows harder to break, deterring and preventing intrusion
  • Reduced risk of accidents or other non-storm incidents damaging your windows
  • Enhanced energy efficiency through resilient, heat-resistant, carefully built assemblies
  • Minimal risk of secondary damage to your home from broken windows, allowing home interiors to be damaged
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Other Storm Protection Equipment We Offer

Hurricane season can wreak havoc on homes that aren’t prepared for the harsh winds. We offer a variety of storm protection equipment to protect your home and give you peace of mind. Rolling shutters and screens now have wireless technology, allowing single and multi-channel control.

Our storm protection equipment includes:

Metal Roll-Downs

Metal roll-downs are easy to operate and made of high-quality metal for ultimate hurricane protection. They roll up for convenient stow-away and offer protection for windows, doors, patios, porches, and balconies.

Metal roll-down, in rolled-up position over covered patio beside a large pool in backyard. Metal roll-down covering patio in backyard.

Accordion Hurricane Shutters

Accordion shutters are easy to use, affordable, and offer maximum protection. 

Accordion shutters open in backyard, showing covered patio beside a pool. Accordion shutters closed, covering patio completely.


Storm Screens

Palm tree in a dark, windy storm.Through state-of-the-art technology and ongoing research and development, this full line of storm (hurricane) screens is recognized as one of the most innovative and technologically advanced products in the world of storm protection — confirmed to have withstood over 36 straight hours of Hurricane Dorian on Great Abaco, Bahamas.

Hurricane screens are constructed of polypropylene, woven mono-filament geotextile fabric, with threads that don’t degrade in UV light, unlike polyester and nylon.  

With the densely porous material 95% solid and the weave tight enough to take advantage of the surface tension between water and screen, the material creates a barrier resistant to driving rain and flying debris.

The material is open enough to be transparent — perfect for everyday sun, wind, and rain protection — while still dramatically reducing a hurricane’s destructive winds by 97%, thereby reducing 150-mph winds to a gentle breeze.

Hurricane Screens

Hurricane screens are made from high-quality materials customized for your home’s needs. They protect the open areas of your home, including patios, balconies, and windows. Hurricane screens are made to absorb impact from debris across its large surface. 

Rolling Screen

Rolling screens with storm fabric over a row of five windows. Patio partially covered with rolling screens.


Curtain Track

Storm curtains covering a condo window. Inside view of transparent storm curtains covering a balcony.


Slide Screen

Black slide screen covering three round-top windows. Close-up of storm hemcord track.


Strap & Buckle

Storm strap buckle covering a garage. Inside view of a storm strap buckle covering a porch.


Grommet Screen

Grommet screen covering around a gazebo.

Color Options

Image of screen cover color options, including gray, black, bone, and brown.

With the multiple color options A1 Windows offers, you can find a screen color that complements your home’s aesthetic.


Graphic with text "Wireless Technology" at top, with image below of 4 wireless technology options.

Rolling shutters and screens are now available with wireless technology. With a choice of a single- or multi-channel transmitter, you can operate the system from anywhere in your home. A single-channel or multi-channel can control multiple motors going up and down at the same time.

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