Does Your Tampa Home Have Hurricane Impact Windows?

Installing High-Impact Windows Protects Your Investment & Lowers Homeownership Insurance Costs

Impact windows are essential to keep your home secure during storms that affect the Tampa Bay metro area. Recent storms have damaged many homes with winds that exceeded 120 mph. Taking proactive steps is the best way to protect your home during hurricane season.

Impact windows and sliding glass door replacement with waterfront view and custom-shaped windows above the doors.

At A1 Windows & Doors, we’ll help you determine the best solutions to keep your home sealed with high-quality windows and doors.

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What Makes a Window Impact-Resistant?

Our Soft-Lite impact-resistant windows are comprised of high-quality glass, sturdy frames, heavy-duty cam sweep locks, and marine or wet window glazing.

Coupled with insulated foam wraps, stainless steel reinforcement, and tubular frames with fused corners, these windows provide exceptional protection against sustained winds of 140 mph and gusts up to 212 mph.

Installing High-Impact Windows Has Multiple Benefits

Impact-resistant windows provide superior storm protection and enhance your security against break-ins and home intrusions. The design of our windows creates a tight seal that protects your home against heat gain and heat loss — improving energy efficiency and reducing wear and tear on your HVAC systems.

Your investment pays off in ways that extend far beyond protection from high winds, windborne debris, and moisture infiltration.

Lower Insurance Premiums With Impact Windows

The increasing number of extreme weather events, particularly in areas like Tampa, make securing your home against hurricanes and high wind storms an essential safety and financial strategy. A critical part of this is understanding and implementing “opening protection” in your home.

What Is Opening Protection?

Opening protection is the reinforcement of all a home’s openings, including windows, doors, and skylights, to mitigate the forces of windborne debris and intense wind pressures common with hurricanes.

Impact windows play a vital role in opening protection, with their impact-resistant glass, reinforced frames, and strong bonding system keeping the glass from shattering during high winds. They prevent wind from entering the home and causing pressure buildup that can lead to structural damage.

Opening protection is also a key factor in reducing your homeowners insurance premiums. Many insurance companies offer significant discounts to homeowners who take proactive steps to mitigate damage from natural disasters.

When you install impact windows in your Tampa Bay-area home, you effectively reduce the risk of costly property damages, which lowers your insurance provider’s risk factor.

How Do You Qualify for Lower Premiums?

Inspectors evaluate your home’s hurricane readiness, including the sufficiency of its opening protection measures. They assess the installation and quality of your impact windows to ensure they meet specific safety standards and guidelines. This evaluation is often required by insurance companies to qualify for reduced premiums.

Our high-impact windows are designed with both safety and financial benefits in mind. When you choose our products to protect your home, you enhance its resilience against hurricanes and position yourself for lower insurance premiums.

You can depend on our impact windows to fulfill an insurer’s opening protection requirements while meeting or exceeding industry standards. An investment in impact windows from A1 Windows & Doors protects your home and secures long-term financial advantages through reduced insurance costs.

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Our Hurricane Windows Come in Many Custom Styles

Every home is unique, and we offer a full range of impact-resistant windows designed to blend into your property’s aesthetic.

Our windows are custom-built to meet your specifications. With our experienced professionals, we guarantee every aspect of the design, construction, and testing process will result in a superior-quality product you can count on for the protection you need.

Our Lead EPR-RPR Certification stands out within the industry and is a testament to our dedication to delivering superior products that provide exceptional performance through the most challenging conditions.

We offer windows in a full range of styles, including:

Choose A1 Windows & Doors for Your Impact Windows

At A1 Windows, our solutions will give your home superior storm protection. When high winds and blown debris threaten your safety, you can rest assured that our storm windows and storm protection products will keep you safe and secure.

Since 1977, we’ve helped homeowners in Tampa and surrounding communities weather storms. When you choose our team, you’ll always enjoy:

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  • And more

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